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Practice Fees

Mediclinic is a private Medical Centre, and we charge consultation fees for our GP services. Some of our Allied Health's supplementary services can be Bulk Billed subject to eligibility, and some will be subject to mixed billing or private billing. If you are unsure, please read the below or ask our Receptionists for clarification.

Mediclinic Clayton is a mixed billing medical centre. In order to provide a better patient care, an out of pocket fee is applicable on your consultation if you are not eligible for bulk-bill. You will be reimbursed a percentage of your consult fee by Medicare or your Private Insurer. It is the patient responsibility to update their bank details with Medicare for a prompt reimbursement. Alternatively, if you bring your Debit Card with you, we can process your Medicare Rebate on the spot using Easyclaim. The Rebate is returned to your bank account instantly.

Please see our latest updated fees structure :-


General Practitioner Fees

Brief Consultation (Level A)                 $42.00 ($18.95 rebate from Medicare)

Standard Consultation  (Level B)       $75.00 ($41.4rebate from Medicare)

Long Consultation (Level C)                  $110.00 ($80.10 rebate from Medicare)

Extended Consultation (Level D)        $150.00 ($118.00 rebate from Medicare)

All Private fees must be paid at the time of the consultation as we do not hold IOUs.


Nurse Practitioner Fees

Brief Consultation    (Level B)            $40.00 ($19.60 rebate from Medicare)

Standard Consultation (Level C)      $70.00 ($37.15 rebate from Medicare)

Long Consultation (Level D)                $85.00 ($54.85 rebate from Medicare)

Billings and payments are at the Practitioner's discretion, depending on the complexity of the appointment, so please present to Reception after your appointment for payment.

Procedure Fees

Iron Infusion                                                  Gap Fees $105 + Level B or C rebate from Medicare

Implanon Insertion/Removal              Gap Fees $55 + Level B or C rebate from Medicare

Skin Excision                                                  Gap Fees $55 + Level B or C rebate from Medicare

Dressings - Dependent on time taken, and materials used
Level 1                                                           
     $6.00 (No Medicare Rebate)

Level 2                                                                 $12.00 (No Medicare Rebate)

Level 3                                                                 $18.00-$23.00 (No Medicare Rebate)

**Bulk Billing Eligibility

Please check with Reception prior to your appointment

Some of our practitioners offer bulk bill for the followings eligible patients (Please take note  Dr Joy Liao only bulk bill Children aged 15 years old and younger, she may bulk bill other categories at her discretion)

  • Aged 15 years and younger

  • Aged 65 years and above

  • Valid Concession Card Holder

  • DVA Card Holder

  • Care Plans or Health Assessments

We are a mixed billing practice, so we rely on the Practitioner's billing.  Please take note that not all practitioners provide Bulk Billing services. All Practitioners offering bulk bill at their discretion


Possible amounts for practice fee are specified above.

What's the difference? Click this link

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre - Sexual Health Checks

New Patients - Private Fee

Return Patients (Face to Face) - Private Fee

Results Only (Telephone) - **Bulk Billed

Please note the above Sexual Health Billing structure are applicable for both GP and Nurse Practitioner. Billings and payments are at the Practitioner's discretion, depending on the complexity of the appointment, so please present to Reception after your appointment for payment.

Please note that All Practitioner including Nurse Practitioner only bulk bill at their discretion

Student Direct Billing Agreements

We hold a Direct Billing Agreement with the following Student Insurance providers,

  • BUPA

  • NIB

  • IMAN

  • Medibank

  • AHM

  • Allianz

Mediclinic Clayton is a mixed billing medical centre. On the consultation day, we will collect the Gap Fees and claim the rebate from your insurer. You must provide your physical OR digital card to Reception before your appointment for claiming. If you can't provide your card, you may be required to pay for your consultation and claim back from your insurer.

Getting your Medicare Rebate

Patients with Medicare cards are eligible for a Medicare rebate. Electronic lodgement of the claim for the Medicare rebate can be processed at the time of payment. This will be directly deposited into the nominated bank account held by Medicare. 

When making payment at the clinic, we are able to facilitate an "Easyclaim" where you can be reimbursed your Medicare rebate on the spot using your Debit Card.

If you need to update your bank details with Medicare, click here for instructions.

What to bring to your appointment

Please bring your Medicare card and/or any concession or health care cards, or Health Insurance Card (either NIB, BUPA. Medibank or Allianz) and a photo ID; upon your arrival, please ensure to present them to our reception staff.

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