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Medicinal Cannabis

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Dr Ernesto Andrada


Dr Andrada has a special interest in alternative therapy for Chronic Pain, Mental Illness such as anxiety (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), and sleep disorders. He has now begun prescribing Medicinal Cannabis for these conditions.

Dr Andrada has been working as a GP in Primary Care for over 20 years, with a wide range of experience. There is growing evidence that Medicinal Cannabis is helpful for those who have tried a wide variety of treatments with no success.

In order to proceed with your appointment, Dr Andrada will need:

  1. Previous medical history

  2. Previous medications taken

  3. Current medications

  4. Prior medical history and diagnosis'

This can be provided in the form of a referral from your regular GP, or just as a Health Summary. 

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Before Your Consultation

Provide us with your GP Referral, or a current Health Summary

You can do this by signing one of our "Request for Records" you will receive after submitting your information below.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consult Fee: $200 
No Medicare Rebate is available.

Your appointment may take between 30-45 minutes.

Dr Andrada will identify if Medicinal Cannabis is the right treatment plan for you, and if so, will proceed with the application to the TGA.

Awaiting TGA Approval

Dr Andrada will prepare the prescription and await for the approved permit to treat you.

After approved, your prescription will be forwarded to our Partnering Pharmacy for dispensing.  

Our Pharmacy Partner is

Clayton Central Pharmacy


Review Consultations

Review Consult Fee: $150

No Medicare Rebate is available

To ensure your treatment plan is effective, and providing the opportunity to adjust your dose,

our review schedule is,

  • 2 weeks from initial consult

  • 3 months from initial consult

  • 6 months from initial consult

Call us on 9544 1555 to request an appointment

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