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Recognizing an addiction problem either for yourself or a loved one, can be challenging and to certain extent daunting.  Someone with addiction challenge constantly craves for specific substance or has changes with their usual behaviour. Most often, these significantly have negative impact on every other aspects of life for the individual, often resulting to more adverse effects just to fulfil or support their desires.

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What are the common sign of addiction, particularly, for Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

  • lack of control and inability to stay away from a substance or behavior

  • decreased socialization, abandoning commitments or ignoring relationships

  • ignoring risk factors, like sharing needles despite potential consequences

  • physical effects, like withdrawal symptoms or needing higher dosage for effect

  • Significant changes on behavior which are often negative for example: irritable, restless, disinterest with usual activities, and other destructive attributes. A healthy person can usually identify a negative behavior and get rid of it. This is not the case with someone with an addiction. Rather than admit the problem exists, they’ll find ways to justify and continue the behavior.

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Individuals with addiction challenges often struggle with their addictive behaviors, often in denial or unwilling to seek treatment. To certain extent, they may not recognize the negative effects their behavior has on themselves and others. That is why it is important to seek intervention as part of pathway to recovery.


The first step to getting help and pathway to recovery, is to acknowledge this condition and to be able to recognize the physical, mental, and emotional signs, like abrupt weight or personality changes in the individual.

Our caring medical team is always ready to provide confidential advice, treatment, referral and further information for related health concerns. Everyone is welcome to call us on (03) 9544-1555 or email us

The REACH Project at Mediclinic

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The REACH Project supports GPs and nurses to talk to their patients about alcohol use. We havedeveloped a package of practical, evidence-based and informative resources with input from GPs, nurses and community members. We hope to distribute these resources to general practicesacross Australia.

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