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Part-Time Medical Receptionist Position

Our clinic is growing bigger and bigger, and we are on the hunt for a new member of the team.

We are looking for a Part Time Medical Receptionist - maximum of 19 hours per week.

The essentials;

  1. Patience and understanding

  2. A willingness to learn and take on challenges

  3. Ability to take direction and work under pressure

  4. A fun attitude and the ability to laugh at yourself

  5. Experience in administration, or customer facing roles is preferred

Medical Reception experience is not required, as many of the technical skills can be learnt.

We want someone who has patience, understanding, and the ultimate desire to help people.

You will undertake duties such as general administration, call taking, greeting patients, and scheduling. You will also act as an administrative support to the Practice Manager, who looks after all operational aspects of the day-to-day.

Training will be provided, along with ongoing support of Management.

We will accept any applications from people who can speak English fluently to converse with a wide range of patients, are proactive, looking to help and use your caring big heart for good.

We will also encourage applications from people who,

  • Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

  • Have been long-term unemployed

  • Women aged 45 years and over

  • Single Parents

Your wage will be determined by age and/or skill level, following the Health Professionals and Support Services Award [MA000027]

You will be well supported in a team that looks after the wellbeing of staff, as well as perks being; free onsite parking, large staff rooms, supported regular breaks, and a timeclock system to avoid any HR headaches.

If you would like to apply, please email your Resume and a couple sentences about why you would be a good fit for the team, to